Event Schedule KC-PBF May 11-13, 2018


Kimbrough Cotton-Patch Blues Festival hosted by Robert Kimbrough Sr. at The Hut in Holly Springs May 11-13, 2018. Presented by The Son and Friends of Junior Kimbrough – a grassroots effort dedicated to preserving the spirit and music of David “Junior” Kimbrough.
The events will kick off Friday May 11, 2018 4-6 pm with a reception party for a photo and sculpture exhibit. Items on view by master shutterbug Bill Steber, Leontyne Price Library Gallery at Rust College. Bill began photographing Junior at his club in the early 1990s and continued to photograph his sons over the next 25 years. The exhibition will include stirring metal sculptures Bill created from remnants collected among the charred remains of Junior’s infamous Chulahoma club.
The Hut
475 West Valley Ave.
Holly Springs

Friday MAY 11, 2018 7 PM – 2 PM
FRIDAY NIGHT OPEN FLOOR JAM, Archival Film Screening
Join Robert Kimbrough Sr. BluesConnection on the floor for a live electric Cotton-Patch Blues open jam. Robert GONE LITE IT UP. HELP HIM TURN IT OUT. Also screening unavailable 1990 Live performance footage and interview with Junior Kimbrough at the Chewalla Rib Shack (60 mins). With Little Joe Ayers on bass and Calvin Jackson on drums. Film by Jas Obrecht and recently unearth footage of Junior, Joe, and JuJu playing at Johnny Smiths walking horse show, May 1989. Thanks Jama!

Saturday MAY 12, 2018 10 AM – 4 PM
9:30 Join Little Joe for the classic Mississippi gas station breakfast at the StarLite.
8:30 Breakfast will also be available at The Hut
10 am
Cotton-Patch Blues Guitar, Bass, Drum and Harmonica and Work Shop
Junior’s sons Robert, David and Kinney will by joined by Artemas Lesueur, whom tey taught their style of blues to since he was knee high to a duck will be available for guitar, bass and drum instruction all day. Little Joe Ayers will also be available for Cotton-Patch Blues guitar lessons. David Hayden a Dallas based musician will join the workshop to teach harmonica. Students will be encouraged to show-off “their” style, while the Blues Legends shares their secrets. Learn Cotton-Patch Blues from the legends themselves.

An alternative event will be offered by our partner Mt. Zion Memorial Fund. Mt. Zion will lead visitors to other grave sites of local bluesman and women in the area.
Limited to 25

Later Saturday night back at The Hut, the students will be invited on to jam with the same Blues Legends. The night will run in the traditional juke joint style of switching off with plenty of guest musicians. Fish sandwiches, burgers and cold beer will be available. The club is open to all, and locals are welcome! This type of unfiltered, smoking-hot Blues is simply what the Kimbroughs are famous for.
$150.00 Limited to 25 students
$10.00 General Public for the Night Time Jam

Sunday morning MAY13, 2018
9:00 AM Meet Joe at the StarLite for a cup of Jo before hitting the road to see the historic Cotton-Patch sites.
10 AM
Cotton-Patch Blues historic tour: ride around town with Little Joe and Robert on Sunday morning to all the local spots that pertain to Junior’s life in the Holy Springs area. The tour includes the home he shared with his sons, where Junior hosted countless house parties, Junior’s clubs, Blues Markers, Marshall Scruggs and Junior’s grave. Joe and Robert will be on hand to tell stories, answer questions, and pose for photos.
$25.00 limited 25 people

We’ve added a car show this year!
The Car Show is $10 to enter.
Wax up those hot wheels. Arrive at 2 pm to enter. Parade starts at 3 pm.

Join Robert Kimbrough Sr., and his brothers David and Kinney, plus Original Soul Blues Boy Mr. Joe Ayers for a late afternoon Mississippi family picnic. Celebrating the music of Junior Kimbrough artists to appear Robert Kimbrough Sr. BluesConnection, Cam Kimbrough, Eric Deaton, Daniel Russell, Little Joe Ayers
Lightnin’ Malcolm, RL Boyce, Sean Apple, Jesse Cotton Stone, HooDoo Men, Janky, and more!
$25.00 at door CASH ONLY
Advance tickets ONLINE ONLY $20
Day of $75 per carload CASH ONLY (Up to six adults in one car)
Children under 12 free
Coolers allowed
No glass



Mini Winter Cotton-Patch Blues Rent Party

                     Black History Month Celebration

Gallery space in the Leontyne Price Library at Rust College
Feb. 1st – Feb. 28, 2018
opening reception Thursday Feb.1, 2018 5 pm-7 pm
150 Rust Avenue Holly Springs, Ms 38635
Open to the public

In celebration of Black History month FANCY! and The Son and Friends of Junior Kimbrough along with Leontyne Price Library at Rust College present
Mississippi Women in Blues an exhibit focusing on the presence of Afro-American women in the Mississippi Blues world.
A presentation of photographs, films and archival material shines a light on these mysterious creatures. Many were popular artists in their day but have fallen into obscurity, and off the radar.
Afro -American Women are ubiquitous figures within the Mississippi Blues community. Black females appear as muse, singer, musician, audience member, dancer, manger, and club worker, but who remain largely uncredited and invisible.
Default players never raising to the ranks as band member. Only seen as willing and capable players, not Blues musicians.

The exhibition focuses on Holly Springs residents musicians Ellen Jefferies and Mary Coleman. Also Como area ladies Jessie Mae Hemphill and Sharde Thomas who have gained international recognition for the their music.
Photos, films, and other archival material on view was provided by private collections, and learning institutions. All funding for the exhibition was granted through private donation, or in kind funds, and with the generous support from
Rust College Leontyne Price Library, UNC Wilson Library Folklife Collection.

Articles on view provided by
Rust College, Leontyne Price Library
Special Collection Dr. William A. Mc Millan
University of Memphis
McWherter Library
Special Collections, Memphis Musical Heritage
Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, Memphis, Tenn.
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, NYC
University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Wilson Library, Special Collections, Southern Folklife Collection
Center For Southern Folklore, Memphis, Tenn.
University of Mississippi, Blues Archive, Oxford, Ms
Private collections of Carla Robinson, Mrs. Judy Jacoby, John Shaw and Adam Lore

Photographs by folklorist Cheryl Thurber, William Ferris
Master photographers Bill Steber, Yancey Allison
Films by William Ferris, Judy Peiser, David Evans
Research by Wanda Pegues
Curated by Amy Verdon and Daniel Wood
Sponsored by FANCY! and The Son and Friends of Junior Kimbrough

FRIDAY FEB. 2, 2018
8 PM
w/ Robert Kimbrough Sr. BluesConnection
Local bluesman Robert Kimbrough Sr. will open up The Hut in Holly Springs for a night of live blues music featuring the ladies.
Robert and the BluesConnection will host a traditional juke joint style night much like Robert’s father. Local legend and Holly Springs resident Cotton-Patch Blues musician Junior Kimbrough who performed in and operated juke joints in the area for decades. Local ladies slated to perform are #1 Juke joint dancer Sherena Boyce daughter of Como musician RL Boyce, from Jackson Ms. Iretta Sanders, and loved local DJ from The Change Lady Jammer. The floor is open to others to join the jam. Also screening rare and unreleased live performance footage of Junior Kimbrough and the Soul Blues Boys filmed at the Chewalla Rib Shack and an interview with Junior, plus footage from this past May 2017 Kimbrough Cotton-Patch Blues Festival.
$10 at the door, Ladies two for one.

The Hut
475 West Valley Ave.
Holly Springs, Ms.


Living Blues review Live From The Hut

Living Blues digs the new sounds GONE DOWN in Holly Springs today. If you can’t get over to The Hut in Holly Springs anytime soon, you can get yourself a copy of this TOO HOT TO HOLD live recording, and GET DOWN anytime.

Live From The Hut with Robert Kimbrough Sr. Blues Connection


Live from the Hut

Go Ape Records – GACD 001

Robert Kimbrough, Sr. Has been a busy man lately. Since last year, the son of the late Junior Kimbrough has released two solo albums (Willey Woot and What I’m Gon’ Do? Where I’m Gon’ Go From Here?) And in May 2017 debuted his Kimbrough Cotton Patch Blues Festival in Holly Springs. The primary location for the festival was the Hut, a cinder block building that has served as an area juke joint in recent years. Kimbrough’s latest album, Live from the Hut, captures a night of live music at this venue, offering a glimpse of the modern north Mississippi blues scene.

Backed by his BluesConnection band— guitarist James “G-Cutter” Hall, bassist and drummer Artumus LeSueur and drummer Jason Wilburn—Kimbrough is also joined by David, Kinney and Cameron Kimbrough, along with Duwayne Burnside, Joyce Shewolfe Jones and guitarist Will Bart. Throughout the evening, they mix originals in with Junior Kimbrough covers (including a gnarly version of You Better Run, splattered with wicked sounding guitar licks). The funky That’s Alright with Me and slinky, insistent Don’t Leave Me, both by David Kimbrough, are perfect for the dance floor. Robert Kimbrough’s Poor Boy, an extended, moody jam, is haunting. With vocals eerily evocative of his father, Burnside unleashes furious, Hendrix-esque fretwork on R.L.’s Jumper on the Line, and offers a laid-back take of Robert Johnson’s Dust My Broom as well.

The recording unfortunately suffers from a compressed, dull sound quality that obscures the vocals at times; this may be a result of the acoustics inside this particular space. Yet the energy and prowess of these performers can’t be denied. Live from the Hut is an enticing sample of the vibrant blues happening in this part of the world today, and makes this listener want to hear it in person.

—Melanie Young

The Life and Legacy of Junior Kimbrough at Rust College opening May 12 4-6pm

The Life and Legacy of Junior Kimbrough at Rust College in the gallery space located in Leontyne Price Library. The exhibition will feature photos by master photographers Bill Steber, Yancey Allison, Adam Smith, David Stevens and David Katzenstein whose 1988 photos of Junior’s house party were recently featured in Oxford American. Also rarely seen photos by famed folklorist Cheryl Thurber and New York Times photographer Jack Vartoogian.

Exhibition Postcard v3.indd

Unearthed live performance footage of Junior and Soul Blues Boys from The Northeast Mississippi Blues and Gospel Folk Festival at Rust College. Obscure live performance and interview film footage from rock writer Jas Obrecht collection.

Notes from Jas about the footage “Junior Kimbrough playing in his juke joint outside of Holly Springs, Mississippi, 1990-09-23 (1:02) This broadcast-quality film contains outstanding footage of Kimbrough playing in his rural juke joint with a bassist and drummer. It was shot early in the afternoon, with very few people in the juke. After his performance, Junior consented to doing an interview on film. Jas Obrecht is the primary behind-the-camera interviewer; Peter Lee, a South African who at the time was Editor of Living Blues magazine, joins in the conversation. This part of the film served as the Q/A section of the article “Junior Kimbrough: Mississippi Juke Joint Blues,” Guitar Player, Aug. ’95.”

Plus amateur photos, video, candid snap shots, newspaper clippings, magazines, personal items, and collected stories.

Exhibition Postcard v3.indd

Many items were generously loaned from the University of Memphis Music Library, University of Mississippi Blues Archive, UNC Southern Folklife Collection at Chapel Hill, Tulane University Special Collections, and Rust College Archive.

The exhibit will run until May 31st.



Followed by an Open Floor Jam at The HUT. Show up. Plug in. Turn up.

Robert gone to LITE IT UP. Food available.

7 pm