Kimbrough Cotton-Patch Blues Festival returns May 11-13th, 2018


We cant wait!

Three days of Cotton-Patch Blues hosted by Robert Kimbrough Sr. and his brothers. A Mississippi thrown-down you don’t wanna miss.


Living Blues review Live From The Hut

Living Blues digs the new sounds GONE DOWN in Holly Springs today. If you can’t get over to The Hut in Holly Springs anytime soon, you can get yourself a copy of this TOO HOT TO HOLD live recording, and GET DOWN anytime.

Live From The Hut with Robert Kimbrough Sr. Blues Connection


Live from the Hut

Go Ape Records – GACD 001

Robert Kimbrough, Sr. Has been a busy man lately. Since last year, the son of the late Junior Kimbrough has released two solo albums (Willey Woot and What I’m Gon’ Do? Where I’m Gon’ Go From Here?) And in May 2017 debuted his Kimbrough Cotton Patch Blues Festival in Holly Springs. The primary location for the festival was the Hut, a cinder block building that has served as an area juke joint in recent years. Kimbrough’s latest album, Live from the Hut, captures a night of live music at this venue, offering a glimpse of the modern north Mississippi blues scene.

Backed by his BluesConnection band— guitarist James “G-Cutter” Hall, bassist and drummer Artumus LeSueur and drummer Jason Wilburn—Kimbrough is also joined by David, Kinney and Cameron Kimbrough, along with Duwayne Burnside, Joyce Shewolfe Jones and guitarist Will Bart. Throughout the evening, they mix originals in with Junior Kimbrough covers (including a gnarly version of You Better Run, splattered with wicked sounding guitar licks). The funky That’s Alright with Me and slinky, insistent Don’t Leave Me, both by David Kimbrough, are perfect for the dance floor. Robert Kimbrough’s Poor Boy, an extended, moody jam, is haunting. With vocals eerily evocative of his father, Burnside unleashes furious, Hendrix-esque fretwork on R.L.’s Jumper on the Line, and offers a laid-back take of Robert Johnson’s Dust My Broom as well.

The recording unfortunately suffers from a compressed, dull sound quality that obscures the vocals at times; this may be a result of the acoustics inside this particular space. Yet the energy and prowess of these performers can’t be denied. Live from the Hut is an enticing sample of the vibrant blues happening in this part of the world today, and makes this listener want to hear it in person.

—Melanie Young

The Life and Legacy of Junior Kimbrough at Rust College opening May 12 4-6pm

The Life and Legacy of Junior Kimbrough at Rust College in the gallery space located in Leontyne Price Library. The exhibition will feature photos by master photographers Bill Steber, Yancey Allison, Adam Smith, David Stevens and David Katzenstein whose 1988 photos of Junior’s house party were recently featured in Oxford American. Also rarely seen photos by famed folklorist Cheryl Thurber and New York Times photographer Jack Vartoogian.

Exhibition Postcard v3.indd

Unearthed live performance footage of Junior and Soul Blues Boys from The Northeast Mississippi Blues and Gospel Folk Festival at Rust College. Obscure live performance and interview film footage from rock writer Jas Obrecht collection.

Notes from Jas about the footage “Junior Kimbrough playing in his juke joint outside of Holly Springs, Mississippi, 1990-09-23 (1:02) This broadcast-quality film contains outstanding footage of Kimbrough playing in his rural juke joint with a bassist and drummer. It was shot early in the afternoon, with very few people in the juke. After his performance, Junior consented to doing an interview on film. Jas Obrecht is the primary behind-the-camera interviewer; Peter Lee, a South African who at the time was Editor of Living Blues magazine, joins in the conversation. This part of the film served as the Q/A section of the article “Junior Kimbrough: Mississippi Juke Joint Blues,” Guitar Player, Aug. ’95.”

Plus amateur photos, video, candid snap shots, newspaper clippings, magazines, personal items, and collected stories.

Exhibition Postcard v3.indd

Many items were generously loaned from the University of Memphis Music Library, University of Mississippi Blues Archive, UNC Southern Folklife Collection at Chapel Hill, Tulane University Special Collections, and Rust College Archive.

The exhibit will run until May 31st.



Followed by an Open Floor Jam at The HUT. Show up. Plug in. Turn up.

Robert gone to LITE IT UP. Food available.

7 pm